Sunday, May 26, 2013

Game 1 & 2 Recap: Mets

We had an interesting Saturday. The Mets game that was delayed late Friday night due to rain was pushed into Saturday. The Braves won that game 7-5. Then, the Mike Minor took the mound for the Braves in game 2, and they won that game 6-0 in a solid shutout. It was almost like watching a double header, but more compacted. The important thing was that the Braves won a series in one day, and they are set to take another sweep tonight on national TV.

Game 1 was frustrating because the Braves were forced to play in a downpour in the 8th inning after taking the lead 5-3. Of course, Evan Gattis was part of that, as he's been part of every major comeback. Medlen had pitched well, but even with a 2-0 lead, he still couldn't hold off the Mets from taking the lead back at 3-2 in the 5th. That's when Dan Uggla came up big and tied the game in the 7th with a homer. By the 8th, the Braves were pressing and putting people on base. With 2 outs and bases load, Gattis was called upon to pinch hit in a tough situation. And again, he capitalized on that opportunity with a little flare single off the end of the bat, scoring 2 runs. However, with the rain coming down, the umpires refused to call the game until the Mets had a chance to finish the bottom of the 8th. So, with Varvaro unable to hold onto the ball, people standing in puddles on the field, and wind/rain beating down on the mound, the Mets pushed 2 across the plate in the bottom half to tie the game at 5. At that point, the umps called it until Saturday.

Saturday at 6PM: The Braves and Mets play the 9th with no damage and send it to extras. Uggla came up big again in the 10th with his RBI single, and BJ put in a sacrifice that made the score 7-5. The Mets threatened in the bottom half, Tejada couldn't get a bunt down, and a Craig Kimbrel induced a double play to end the game. So with Game 1 in the books, the broadcast immediately went to FOX, where the Braves could start Game 2 at 7:30.

Enter Mike Minor. Mike was a man on a mission, and he mowed down the Mets lineup. Mike gets the rare game MVP for his performance last night. He pitched 7.1 innings with a season high 10 Ks, only 3 hits, 2 walks, and he went 2/4 at the plate with an early 2 run homer. He completely dominated the Mets on both sides of the plate. The Braves hitters were great early in the order, with 7 hits in the 1-4 spots, along with 4 RBIs. The 5-7 guys went 0/12. Then Mike Minor and CJ went 4/8 with 2 RBIs. We still have problems getting the whole order going, but as long as we're up 6-0, who cares? Also, we got to see a rare David Carpenter appearance, since he usually enters the game when it's mop up duty. He's the Braves human victory cigar.

So, we've seen pretty much what we expected thus far: a really bad Mets team and a high-scoring Braves team. The CPA was right about game 1, although it never expected the rain to play that much of a part in the scoring. Game 2 didn't get picked due to the delay. Let's see what it thinks about Game 3.

CPA Prediction Game 3: Braves 6 - Mets 3

Teheran is always prone to giving up a few runs, but the Braves have more than proven they will score big for him in his starts. Keep your eye on BJ Upton in this game. He's had really good ABs against Marcum, and he may be able to knock a couple hits around in this matchup.


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