Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Series Recap: Rockies

Greetings from sunny Hawaii! I figured I would jump on here for a quick recap of the series with the Rockies before dinner. I am happy the bats woke up in time for this series, because it can always get ugly in Coors Field, and no lead is safe. Winning both games of a doubleheader is a big momentum swinger away from the offensive doldrums we faced in Pittsburgh. However, we could not hold of the Rockies in game 3 after Kimbrel finally blew a save. It was bound to happen at some point in the season, but you hate to see it cost the Braves a sweep and Huddy his 200th career win.

Some things I want to highlight from the series: For starters, Justin Upton has not slowed down at all. In fact, he went 5/12 in the series with 2 bombs and 3 RBIs. I think that merits MVP status for this set of games in Colorado. As a bonus, he and Bj had the first set of back to back homers by brothers since the 20s in major league play. The Braves as a whole looked much better with RISP going 6/16 in the last two games. I want that kind of hitting to snowball with this team. Homers do so much more damage when you are putting men on base and knocking them in with clusters of hits. A good inning can become a knockout inning by rolling two to three extra guys through the order when an opposing pitcher is on tilt.

We looked decent as a pitching staff, but I am never going to use numbers from Coors to make any judgements on our pitchers. You just need to weather the storm of that stadium and move on. I think Craig will bounce back quickly from the blown save in his next opportunity. I also think Teheran pitched better in this series than I expected, showing a lot of early growth in this season. However, we will have to be just as sharp if not sharper in Detroit as a staff. That series will test us offensively and defensively as it culminates in a Sunday night showdown on national tv.

Go Braves!

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