Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Off Day Roundup

We didn't have a game yesterday, so here's the recap on all the news that happened yesterday surrounding the Braves and the NL East.

Venters doesn't have to have surgery. Yet. He does have to have an injection that will keep him sidelined for a month, minimum. The injection is a platelet-rich plasma shot that will supposedly help in the healing process. I'll go a little in depth on what that means so you can feel smarter that your friends when they ask about Venters.

Platelet-rich plasma shots, or PRP shots, are a concentrated version of blood plasma (the yellow compound of the blood that holds the red cells in suspension). Normally you see the plasma by putting blood in a centrifuge and spinning it with an anticoagulant. These shots contain more platelets, which are a natural source of growth factors in the human body, as well as help clotting in the blood. These shots use those platelets to stimulate the healing of soft tissue and bone inside Venters' elbow. However, we have no actually large scale clinical trials that prove this therapy works. In short, Andrews is trying this method because he believes it's a better option than undergoing another surgery, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this treatment will fix Venters up after a month. Keep that in mind. Feel smarter? Thanks SCIENCE!

In other news, Johan Santana underwent shoulder surgery, so we won't see him again for the Mets this year, and possibly ever again. The injury is career-threatening. The Marlins managed only 3 hits in a 2-0 shutout on Monday against the Nationals, because the Marlins aren't a baseball team anymore. They are the insane side project of an art collecting megalomaniac who sues his own ticket holders. Don't be shocked if you see sharks with FREAKIN LAZERS on their heads in those outfield aquariums at that lime green home field miasma of misery.

Bryce "Clown question" Harper went deep twice in their game, which means you can get on the train of hating his guts early this year. I know I have. If somebody puts a fastball in his ribs every game, maybe it'll teach him that this isn't the California Penal League. The Mets won a game, which means NYC hasn't decided the season is over yet. Give it a week. However, they toss Matt Harvey tonight, and he's never won at...whatever they are calling that stadium now. Ponzi Yard is my guess.

That's the roundup.


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