Thursday, April 11, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Miami 4/10/13 DOUBLE SWEEP

MORE BROOMS! Everybody likes brooms! You get a broom, you get a broom! Everyone gets a broom! Sweeps for all!

Yes, I'm losing my mind. It's almost deadline for taxes and I've gone off the deep end. As a result, today's writeup is late, and it will be short and sweet. I'll put in more on the offday to discuss our preview of the Nats series, and what will happen when BMac returns to the lineup.

In short, we won huge. Gattis put one in the pool at the Clevelander. Francisco hit one that was so gone it bounced off the upper deck. The Fish are terrible and we gutted them with 8 runs, 13 hits, and 5 walks in our 8-0 shutout win. Simmons, Gattis, Uggla, Francisco, C Johnson, and Schafer all had hits. In fact, Schafer had 4 hits in the game and 2 runs scored. The dude was en fuego, despite the fact that he looks perpetually high on dope.

What else can you say? We came, we saw, we conquered the Miami area. We're now in rare start territory on par with the 1994 Braves. They went 13-1 for the best start in a season ever. We just need to sweep the Nats to keep the streak going. Sounds easy, right?

The Braves finally went 3-10 with RISP, which is a .300 number I like. Huzzah! Minor also gave up no runs even though he had 6 baserunners. Gearrin and Varvaro helped shut the door. Do we have the best pitching staff in baseball? Statistically, with a 1.89 ERA, we in fact ARE the best pitching staff in the MLB. And people want to talk about the long ball? This pitching is just as worthy of conversation. Then again, even Maddux knows that chicks dig the long ball.

More tomorrow. Until then, I am buried in estimated payments, deductions, and client calls.


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