Monday, April 8, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Cubs 4/7/13 SWEEP

What's that? You want the brooms? I gotcha brooms right here!

SWEEP SWEEP Cubbies. The Braves took care of a whining Jeff Samardzija with a 5-1 win on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I had a closeup and personal seat in my season tickets, and it was a glorious thing to behold. Also, Turner Field has a new deal where they give you a free refill when you buy a collectors cup, so my season ticket Coke for $5 actually becomes two Cokes. I was pleased with that. Add in some nachos and I'm pretty much good to go to watch the Braves dominate. Extra peppers. I like em spicy.

Huddy got his first win of the year with a great pitching performance. He spotted the Cubs his usual first inning run (I wish he would stop that), and then shut them down from that point forward. In fact, Huddy went 6.2 innings giving up only 3 hits and a single run, striking out 7. The Braves forced the Cubs starter into 5.2 innings of four run ball with 4 walks and 13 Ks. That's right. It's a 5-1 win with 16 Ks. We went 2-7 with RISP and won again. We scored a run on a wild pitch error, 2 runs on a Pena single to right, and another run on a Hudon single. Plus Dan Uggla had a gravy homer for good measure. Pretty much all the damage was done in the 6th inning, when we took advantage of Samardzija losing his command.

Attendance for the series was no joke. 45,800 for Sunday's game, 38,498 for Saturday, and 33,443 for Friday. That's well over 115,000 for the weekend, and those are the numbers we should be posting as fans for this team. It gives the Braves the edge they need late in the game when the fans get involved. I can credit some of Samardzija's loss of control on the fans getting in his head in the 6th. The hecklers were out in force.

So who gets the series MVP? I think this time it goes to BJ Upton. He exploded out of his mini-slump in the Saturday game by going 2/4 with a walk and the game tying homer in the 9th. Then on Sunday in the leadoff spot he was on base 3 times with a hit and 2 walks. It's good to see him getting a feel for the plate again, and it's great to see him step in with a high OBP in the leadoff spot. Could that be a position for him in the future? I think it might. He's shown good plate discipline that Simmons really hasn't developed yet, and that's what you really want in your leadoff guy. You want someone who will always work counts, take their walks, get on base by any means necessary, and also act as a pesky out.

Next up we head to Miami to face the Fish. Hey, and it's their home opener. We'll be playing in front of hundreds of fans! What's that stench? Oh it's the Fish and their 1-5 record.


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