Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog News: Radio interview and supporting the blog

For those of you who know Atlanta radio, you probably know John Kincade of 680 the Fan, and his national CBS radio show. John originally suggested the name for the blog, and he encouraged me to get it started. Recently, he invited me to come on his national radio show to do a guest interview about the blog, because he is doing a segment on home-grown blogs and websites. Naturally, I was thrilled and accepted. The spot is supposed to air live this Sunday, May 5th on CBS Sports Radio at 8:55 AM.

I wanted to let people know so they'd have a chance to hear the spot, and because I'm very excited about promoting the blog in a national forum. John has been extremely supportive and I wanted to thank him here as well as on the air on Sunday. You can listen to the John's Sunday show from 6-10AM in Atlanta on 93.7 FM, or you can access it via CBS Sports Radio's live stream off their website.

Also, you may have noticed the adspace on the right side of the blog. One of the ways the blog produces some minor income for myself is through advertising connections. I try to make them unobtrusive to the information on the blog, so if you're looking for a way to support Braves by the Numbers, here's how. Simply click those links, and if you see some of the Braves gear I've posted in the Amazon link, you can purchase it with a percentage going towards maintaining the blog. I'll try to rotate Braves products in that Amazon link for interesting stuff every couple of days, but I figured I'd mention it here. It will be the only time I really discuss it this year.

The biggest way you can help the blog is to tell your neighbors, friends, and any other Braves fans you know. I have appreciated all the support so far, and I wanted to thank all the regular readers who have sent me emails and comments. You keep me motivated to post on a daily basis, and you're the reason the blog has gone from 5 visitors a day to almost 1,500 a month so far. Make sure to tune in this Sunday to hear the interview, and hopefully me not make an idiot out of myself from coast to coast.


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