Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New things for 2013

Heading into the regular season. I wanted to announce two changes I'm making to the blog for the year. The first is that I'm adding a weekly TV schedule for the Braves on the right hand side of the blog. You can see the template there now. You can come to the blog daily to get your information about yesterdays games, then make sure you know what channel and time we play that night. I can credit one of my regular readers and tax clients, Will, with that idea.

The second thing I will be adding is the Current Prediction Algorithm, or CPA for short. This is a various collection of stats that I've thrown together into a complicated excel formula that is so over the top, a circular reference error would rip a whole in the space time continuum. Ok, maybe not, but the reality is it will be a fun tool that predicts the final score of the game that night. The CPA will be a cold, unbiased look at the Braves chances to win, and possibly give us something to make fun of when it's wrong. After all, who doesn't like making predictions? I'll be keeping stats on the CPA all year long to see how often it's correct, or not. As per usual, my fan side reserves the right to disagree with the CPA and call it a soulless machine. Like Jeffrey Loria.

Opening Day is only 5 days away. Let the countdown begin!

Go Braves!

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