Saturday, February 23, 2013

Training Game #1 Recap: Detroit Tigers

Opening day of Spring Training was mostly a pitching display. The Tigers didn't have a single hit against Hudson, Kimrel, Avilan, Gearrin, Martinez, or Hughes in their innings pitched. It wasn't until the 8th against some newbie named Ryan Buchter that they got on the board. Overall, that was good to see from our staff, although you're not likely to see Kimbrel pitch in the 3rd inning very often.

The only guy who had a decent hitting day for us was Joey Terdoslavich, whom I will now refer to as "The Terd" because I'm mature like that, went deep in the 9th inning for the Braves solo run. Freeman and Uggla also had hits, along with some of our backup outfielders. Nobody had any errors in the field, but of course that's a given when your pitchers hardly let anybody touch the ball until the 8th. We'll see how that plays out over the week.

There's a couple of guys I'll highlight for their approach at the plate, good and bad.

Todd Cunningham - He's a 6 foot 200lbs switch hitting outfielder who is about 24 years old. Cunningham in the ninth was first pitch swinging on a middle of the plate meatball. He ended up rapping that on a line to left for a base hit. It's a smart approach late in a game like that to look for a good pitch early in the count, and Cunningham wasted no time.

Tyler Pastornicky - In the 8th Tyler led off the inning by swinging at 3 straight pitches, and striking out. Two of those pitches were up and out of the zone. It was a terrible approach for anybody leading off an inning, and it shows he wasn't thinking about the situation. We don't need you to get hits in the leadoff spot of an inning, we need you to work counts and get on base by any means possible. Hacking doesn't help.

Oh, and if you want to keep an early counter on how many times the Braves will strike out this season, we had 8 whiffs at the plate on Friday. The number 8 is actually my lucky number. Also, Justin Upton will be wearing #8 this season. So, in Sesame Street terms, today's game was brought to you by the number 8, and the letter K.

Go Braves!

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