Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Training begins today

Finally. It's been forever since that thing that happened at Turner Field involving a fly ball and trash on the field. We can't really speak of it. Every time I hear that replay call, I want to tomahawk chop the entire umpiring union. Moving on.

SPRING TRAINING! Game one is today against the Tigers. I'll be going over the results of the games on a day by day basis, but don't expect me to talk much about wins and losses. Records don't matter. Also don't expect to read into what the veterans are doing. Most of what I'll be covering is the younger guys, their fielding, and the pitchers that aren't Hudson and Medlen. The back end of our rotation is one of my biggest concerns.

Over the next week, we're heading into March with the lineup we expected, minus Brian McCann. That means we'll likely see Freddie Freeman in the cleanup slot until Bmac is back, and after that we'll shuffle depending on production. Medlen and Hudson are absolutely the 1-2, Maholm and Minor your 3-4, and a 5 that's probably Teheran unless he plunks the mascot or one of those Braves girls in the short shorts waving T shirts. How come I never get a T shirt when they are out there? Is there a trick to this? I suspect a tshirt conspiracy at play.

It's a crappy day in Atlanta, but the weather is fine in Florida. I wish I was there, but tax returns don't do themselves.

Go Braves!

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  1. they don't throw tshirts into the fancy people section. gotta give the masses something to look forward to at the ol ballpark