Friday, September 28, 2012

Marlins @ Braves: Games 2 & 3

We broomed the Marlins. No shocker there. We're also 4 back of the Nats with 6 to play. It's not mathematical, but we're done in the division race. We had our shot when we won the last two, but the Nats kept pace. Now it's just a matter of ticking days off the calendar until we face a 1 gamer against the Cards in October.

Tonight Chipper gets his due. His closing ceremony if you will. We all get to have one big teary celebration of Larry Wayne Jones Jr. And I will be there front and center, enjoying the show. Is there even a game? Doesn't matter. All that matters is that Chipper will be there and we will cheer for the greatness of #10, just like we did for Bobby last year. It's the very last piece of the old Braves we knew and loved from the 1990s, giving way to the young Braves who helped make the playoffs this year. It'll also be nice to put those demons from last year's collapse to rest in the stadium.

As for the games, we won, and they weren't really relevant. We're hitting, and our pitching is ridiculously dominant heading to the playoffs. That's the key factor. As such I likely won't be covering the rest of the season games left, because as soon as we get closed out by the Nats on the division, we're going to rest everyone. It's been a great regular season, and a great run for the Braves. I want to thank everyone for reading and enjoying things so far, and hopefully I have plenty more recaps left when the playoffs begin. Expect a full preview of the 1 gamer, with some extensive statistical guessing on my part. Expect a full recap of every game we get to play in the postseason. Expect greatness from the Braves. Expect a great close to a great season!

Go Braves!

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