Monday, September 10, 2012

Braves @ Mets: Weekend Series Recap

The Brooms are back! After a weekend series of sweeping away the Mets and enjoying a ton of football, I'd say I'm in a pretty good mood. The Braves unleashed the fury with a flurry of runs this weekend, totalling 17 runs of total offense in the three wins. Maholm increased our shutout streak in game 1 with a 3-0 victory. The Braves bashed the Mets in game 2 with an 11-3 rout, and Brian McCann came up with a key sacfly in extras to take game three for the sweep. The Braves have no won 5 in a row, sit 5.5 back of the Nats, and we're 7 games up on the Dodgers chasing us in the Wild Card.

Game 1 was once again about our pitching. Maholm went 5.1 shutout innings, and the bullpen closed the door with 5 relievers and a save for Kimbrel. The key hitters were Uggla and Heyward who went a combined 4-8 with 2 homers. Uggla also managed to score 2 runs in the win. As such, Dan Uggla gets the rare MVP in our first win over the Mets. I think saying publically that we planned to sit him for the stretch finally pissed him off enough to get him going. Hey, whatever it takes, because the rest of the lineup was crap in the game.

In game 2, the offensive floodgates opened wide, and poured out 11 runs for Kris Medlen, as if he needed them. Prado went 3-6, Uggla went 3-3, McCann went 4-5, Constanza went 2-5, and even Medlen had himself a double for a 1-2 day. Braves went 6-21 with RISP (.285) so considering all the chances we had it could have been even more than 11 runs. I blame the fact there was a rain delay that knocked out Medlen early and slowed down our onslaught. That game's MVP is another unlikely candidate who had been on the shnide: Brian McCann. BMac gets the MVP for his 4 hits, 4 RBI day including a double and a homer. It's days like that where you scratch your head about Brian this year. He has the potential to be so great, and every now and then you see these bursts, but it hasn't been consistent enough at all to matter.

Game 3 was a grinder. Tommy Hanson was on the mound so I was already worried. The best joke I've heard about Tommy was that if he was a box of PopTarts, there would only be 5 and 2/3rds in the box. Tommy once again went his standard 5.2 innings with 2 runs given up, and he didn't qualify for the win. SHOCKER. The bullpen had to bail him out by going 4.1 shutout innings before BMac got the sacfly that won the game in the 10th. Braves went 1-11 with RISP at the plate (that happens alot when Tommy's out there), which was a day game slide back to our woeful lumber mark from the prior series. However, the MVP of this game was Michael Bourn. He was the only guy with a hit with RISP, and he was the only guy to have a multi-hit game on the day. In addition to that, he also swiped his 39th bag on the season! He now leads the NL by 4 bases, and he's 5 back of Mike Trout for the major league title in base thievery.

No rest for the Braves as they head into Milwaukee tonight to face the Brewers. The Braves need a bit of the bat boost we saw in game 2 to get past a Brewers team that's averaged 5 runs a game in their series against the Cardinals. Let's go out to Miller Park and hope there's some carryover from Wisconsin and Green Bay getting trounced this weekend.

Go Braves!

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