Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Braves @ Marlins: Game 2

Well that was a comeback great effort that didn't pay off. The Braves did absolutely nothing for 8 innings, tried to salvage the game in the 9th, tied the thing up, and then let it go in the 10th. We could focus on the last part of the game where we tied it up and then lost, or we can focus on the majority of the game where we didn't really do anything for Maholm at the plate. To be honest, Maholm was yet another victim of the Braves lack of production. The frustrating part was that we couldn't get hits against a guy who already had 12 losses on the season and a huge ERA. I guess it could have been worse. You could have been the Mariners who played 18 innings and lost.

The Good - Jason Heyward and Brian McCann had 2 hits each. One of BMac's two came in the 9th inning to tie up the game when he doubled off the left center field wall. Heyward came around to score earlier in that inning on the Dan Uggla flare single. Chipper had a run, a hit, and 2 walks in the game to help out the cause. As for production, those guys really showed up. Also Maholm went 6.2 innings with only 2 runs on 4 hits. You really have to hope as a pitcher that would get the job done.

The Bad - Unfortunately the starting pitching didn't get it done because the Braves struggled yet again, going 2-8 with RISP, both of those coming in the 9th. That means for 8 solid innings, they had no clutch hits. Freddie Freeman grounded into a bad double play in the game to kill a possible leadoff rally in the 2nd. He was on his way to a 0-4 collar with an 0-2 with RISP. He just couldn't get it done, even though he was putting the ball in play.

The Ugly - The top of the lineup went 0-9 in Bourn and Prado with 2 Ks. Prado managed to walk once, but it didn't help the Braves cause. Bourn is mired in a huge slump right now, and it's killing the Braves offense. He also went 0-2 with RISP, and didn't touch a base in his 5 ABs. That's unacceptable in a leadoff guy. You have to have the Bourn of April and May show up instead of this Bourn we're seeing in September. I'm not sure if he's tired, but the numbers are remarkably different. Bourn's OBP in September is .304, and that's down over 96 points since his .400 mark in April. It's been a steady slide too, along with his average. My guess is that he's running out of gas and needs some days off down the stretch to get some of his energy back. After all, he's played in 148 of the Braves 149 games with over 600 ABs. That leads the team by more than 25.

Tonight, Medlen takes the hill, and as we all know from experience MEDLEN ALWAYS WINS! Let's go get another W!

Go Braves!

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