Thursday, September 13, 2012

Braves @ Brewers: Game 3

This is ridiculous. We've been clubbed to death in one inning every single game in this Brewers series. In the first two, it was the seventh. In this game it was the fifth. EIGHT RUNS were scored by the Brewers in that one inning. We were up 2-0 until then. We were cruising along. Then WHAM! Big loss 8-2. So much for salvaging a game from this one. It didn't happen, and it's all Chipper's fault. Normally, I don't bang on the guy, but he had a horrible inning and it cost us huge. Bianchi got on first in the leadoff spot due to an error by Chipper, after a sacrifice, Aoki got on with an infield hit to third. There's where the inning should be over. You have three balls that never left the infield, two of which get hit to Chipper. But NO! Instead, Weeks homers and scores 3 to take the lead. Then Braun singles, Ramirez reaches on another infield single to the third. At that point, the hit parade was on. Lucroy singles, Schafer walks, Ishikawa doubles, and the freaking pitcher Gallardo doubles to add a little extra icing to the big crapcake that was the fifth.

Am I mad? Damn right I'm mad. We finally managed to put two runs on the board, something we haven't done all series, and we pissed it away with bad errors and terrible pitching. Lost in all of this was the fact we only had 5 hits, none of which came with RISP. Let's look at the big board! How many hits with RISP did we have in this series? Survey says...ONE! That's right. In the entire series we got one hit with a runner on second, and you know what's hilarious? It didn't score a run. Face it, we're pathetic right now, and it's not because of the front office, the manager, the ownership, or anything fans like to blame. It's specifically because our lineup players are weak mentally. They are soft. This isn't just one series or even one year where this is happening. We're witnessing the same exact situation occur over and over again in big moments. We're being mostly carried by our pitching staff who keeps bailing them out time and again until this series. What's ridiculous that we're still 7 games up in the Wild Card because the Dodgers, Cards, and Pirates have all lost a combined 12 in a row. I remember the last time we limped into the playoffs. It was against the Giants, and it didn't end well.

Here's the shame report from last game. Bourn, even though he's my favorite player, is now on my list. He went 0-4 against with 2 Ks. He was 0-12 on the series. He's now batting .190 over the last 10 games. That's ridiculous for a leadoff guy, and the key reason we're in such a slump at the plate. Prado went 0-4 with 2 Ks. Uggla went 0-3 with a walk and a K. Janish with 0-2 with a walk. On the good side, Freeman went 2-4, and Jason Heyward hit a bomb in the first.

Mercifully we have a day off to reflect on what the hell went wrong. Oh and then the Nats come to town. <Sarcastic cheer>. Obviously that's exactly the team we don't want to see when we're struggling at the plate. Yet, we have to face them again one way or another, and we can't afford to have a slide at home. That means we'll have to pack the Ted this weekend with fans ready to let the Nats know where they can stick their "Natitude."

Go Braves!

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