Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Braves @ Brewers: Game 2

The Braves are unwatchable in this series. There, I said it. We strung a game along until the 7th inning again, and then it blew up in our faces. I said going into this match with the Brewers that we'd need to score some runs, because the Brewers average about 5 a game. We've scored 1. They've scored 9. And now we're 0-2 in the series just trying to salvage a win after a shutout yesterday.

Hudson couldn't get out of the first again without giving up a run. It seems to be an issue with him in the second half of the season, and it's my main concern with him as a starter in a possible one-game playoff. After he collected himself, he went 5 shutout innings until the 7th, when the game went to pieces. It didn't really matter though, because we couldn't get one guy to cross the plate. We only had 5 hits for the entire game, two of which came from Andrelton Simmons. Yeah, the guy who's been on the freaking DL for over a month with a busted hand was the guy who can hit on this team. Unreal.

Here's your shame report for the game last night. Bourn went 0-4 with 2 Ks. Heyward went 0-4 with 1 K. BMac went 0-4 with 1 K. Overbay went 0-3 with 2 Ks. Uggla, Chipper, and Prado all had singles. We had no doubles, we had no triples, and we had no homers obviously. We only had one walk. We went 0-2 with RISP because hardly anybody could even touch second base. This is probably where we should just "tip our cap" right? That's what we're used to doing when we face off against a tough pitcher. Oh wait. We were facing Marco Estrada, a 2-6 starter going into this game with a career 4.44 ERA. He's not even a lefty. I REFUSE TO TIP MY HAT TO THAT!

Let's dig a little deeper. Why did we flail so much at the plate? Well in my humble opinion, Michael Bourn never touching a bag drives this offense into the ground. He's the best at working at bats on the team, but last night he ran into some bad luck. In his first AB he went 3-2 and grounded out after fouling off 2 pitches in a row. 2nd AB he struck out on 4 pitches trying to get aggressive with Simmons on second. Third AB was his worst as he took one ball and grounded out. This wasn't uncommon across the lineup. From the second inning where Chipper Jones walked to lead it off, you thought we had a chance. Then BMac struck out on 3 pitches, Dan flied out on two pitches, and Overbay struck out on 4 pitches. It was like as soon as someone touched a base we went into full on panic mode and just started hacking at crap.

So, we move on with our lives to game 3 in the hopes we can pull one out of the fire. Frankly, with Maholm on the mound v their Ace Gallardo, I'm worried. The Brewers have now won 8 in a row with Gallardo out on the hill, and they'll be going for 9 tonight. They are red hot and we are ice cold. Hopefully we can mix it up a little to lukewarm tonight. I think this quote from Fredi says it all: "We're not feeling too good right now with the way we're swinging the bats," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "We swung the bats hard, but couldn't get it off the wall or in front of the wall to get some runs." We need Maholm to have the game of the month tonight.

Go Braves!

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