Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Braves @ Brewers: Game 1 Recap

Ugh. So the bullpen finally let us down. I was bound to happen, but it's never easy to watch the team implode in a late inning. That inning just happened to be the 7th when everything seemed to go wrong. It all started with Jonny Venters making an ill-advised throw to 3rd with 2 on and nobody out, and he tossed it into left field. From there the game was tied 1-1, and by the end of the onslaught it was 4-1 Brewers. That's all it took to win them the game since we were continuing to struggle at the plate. Minor of course deserved better, but that's the storyline of the year. We simply refuse to hit for Mike. At this point he's only averaged less than 2.5 runs per start of support.

Nobody on the Braves collected an RBI last night, but they did go 1-4 with RISP. That would be fine, except we had 10 hit and 3 walks. I'm not exactly sure how you get over a hit an inning average and only score one run, but we pulled it off with panache. The hilarious part was that it came off a double play ball. Other than that, we had nothing. I'm getting tired of saying that about this lineup. A key issue was that Bourn couldn't get on base, even when everybody else was hitting. That's never a good recipe for success when your leadoff guy struggles to touch a bag.

Frankly, watching this team over the last week has been exhausting, with the exception of the 11 run Mets game. Take that away and you know what you have? A team that scored 9 runs in 6 games. The fact that we've won 4 of those 6 games is completely insane, and you can credit your pitching staff for that. Thus, when the bullpen finally shrugged last night, I have no reason to get upset at them. You can see exactly who has been carrying the team, and if I'm mentally exhausted watching our lineup, and can't even imagine how frustrated our pitchers feel. They are having to grind on every pitch because they are terrified that giving up just one run may mean a loss.

Now for a little who's hot and who's not. That's where we look at the Braves hitting stats over the last 7 days. I think the list will shock you.

WHO'S HOT! - Jason Heyward is batting .370 with a slugging % over .500 and a homer. Dan Uggla is hitting .348 with 3 doubles and a homer. Prado is hitting .345, and BMac is hitting .300 with 2 bombs. So, with all those guys hitting over .300 on the week, how in the world are we not scoring more runs? Here's why...

WHO'S NOT - Freddie Freeman is hitting .083 with 5 Ks. Chipper Jones is hitting .211 with no extra bases. Oh and Michael Bourn his hitting .222 with only 1 double on the week. That's a pretty healthy portion of your hitters who were carrying the lineup early in the season. Now, they are going cold just as the cold guys are getting lukewarm. If we can all get hot at the same time, nothing would stop us.

Go Braves!

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