Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Braves @ Padres: Game 1 Recap

Monday got us again. I don't know really what else to say. How do you recap a game where you only got 4 hits and no runs? Sure we went 0-3 with RISP, but it's not like that was the problem. The problem was not getting enough people on base at all. Shocking nobody, Heyward, Bourn, and Prado all had hits. Shocking nobody, Brian McCann, Freeman, and Chipper drew an 0-for in the 4-5-6 spots. The middle of our lineup has just been so depressing at times this year. In fact, that's what I'll cover in this little spot, because the game itself was horrible. We lost to rookie pitcher making his major league debut because we couldn't score. The only surprising thing during the game was Uggla getting a hit.

Part of the issue is that Chipper has been bad over his last week, and he's in the cleanup spot. The Braves are 2-5 in Chipper's last 7 games, and he's been batting .174 in that stretch with no RBIs. For a guy who's been awesome all season, those are remarkably tired looking numbers in late August. Freeman in the 5 hole has been something of a enigma. Overall on the season, he's batting .295 with 8 homers in that slot. However, it's been very boom or bust. In 10 games of August he had no hits. In 5 games he's had multiple hits. As a result he's been hitting .234 on the month, and that's nowhere near his .323 onslaught of July. Brian McCann has been on my list for a while, and I'll point out another reason he's there. In August, the Braves are 8-11 with Brian in the lineup. He's also sat out for 7 games during the month. Guess what the Braves record is during those 7 games he was out? 6-1. Hmmmmmmmm. Wonder why? Maybe because the guy in who's slugging .190 for the month gets replaced by the guy who is slugging .387?

I wonder what would happen if we sat McCann and Uggla at the same time? Fredi's never done it yet, but I'm seriously considering it as an option if we want to move some of the problems out of our lineup. Think about it. We gain almost 200 slugging points in the lineup with Ross, and we gain 95 points on the batting average by putting in Reed Johnson and moving Prado to 2nd. Fredi has said he's not going to be as loyal down the stretch, which is music to a fan's ears. We're sick of watching this team struggle in positions where we have no business struggling. Coming off a big win in SF, and then laying an egg against an untested rookie who shuts us out??? Embarrassing. That won't happen tonight with Medlen on the hill!

Go Braves!

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