Monday, August 13, 2012

Braves @ Mets: Games 2-3 Recap

Well, I'm disappointed. I wanted to post the brooms. It could have certainly been worse, but I think we all know that we needed a sweep to step up to the Nats winning 8 in a row. When they finally lost, we lost in a horrible fashion. Now, I'm not going to cry about winning a series, but it's the Mets. They are awful. Also, Ben Sheets finally didn't have a good game, but we could have easily covered that up if we decided to get a single hit with RISP. None of that happened. So yeah, I'm disappointed, but there's plenty of time left to catch the Nats after a series against the (suddenly hot) Padres.

Game 2 was an old-fashioned butt-kicking. Santana didn't have it at all, and we made him pay in grand fashion. Leo Mazzone says that "nobody feels sorry for nobody in this business", and I don't feel sorry for lighting up a former Cy Young winner. He may be injured, he may be off his game, hell he may be done in his career. I don't care. We need wins and I'll take them any way we get them. The Braves scored 9 runs in the first two innings, and that was it. Medlen went 6 innings of 1 run work, and easily handled the Mets lineup. MVP of the game was Freddie Freeman again! Freddie had a homer, a double, and FIVE RBIS. Holy smokes. Also, the homer he hit went 455 feet! That's...unreal. It was so far it went over the Apple that pops out of center field. The center field fence is 408 at Citi Field, so that's no joke.

Game 3 was the one that got me fuming. Before the 9th inning, the Braves had gone 0-6 with RISP and one run on a Freeman homer. It seemed that Freddie was the only guy in the series who was consistent. Now, if you looked at the final score of 5-6, you'd think we lost a close one. No, we didn't. The Mets let us back in the door on some horrible pitching, but that was no indicator of how the game went. The reason we lost this game is very simple, and I hate to say it. Chipper and Heyward let us down when they had chances. It started early in the first when Bourn got to 3rd on a stolen base with one out, and Chipper rapped into a double play. That was the game in a nutshell. When we had chances, we blew it. Heyward went 0-4 with 3 Ks. Chip went 0-3 with a walk. Both went a combined 0-4 with RISP. I don't want to dwell on it because they've both done well in this series alone, but when they fail, it's my duty to be fair regardless of the name on the jersey. Also, Uggla went 0-4 with 3 Ks. Yeah.

Moving on, we face the Padres in a 4-gamer starting tonight with Minor on the mound. I don't want to preview the Padres because they have been terrible leading into the last week. Then, all of a sudden they are a completely different team. So instead, I'll tell you about who the Padres are lately. San Diego has won 7 of their last 10, including a series win against the Pirates (our wild card competition). However, a lot of those other wins came against the Mets and Cubs, both awful clubs. The key for the Padres is that they've been scoring a lot of runs. Over their last 7 days, the Padres are 6th in the NL for runs scored, 5 runs behind the Braves. That's a far cry from a team that is 13th in NL wins on the year.

Tonight, we head into another high socks Monday. This is different from the other Mondays because we win. Go get em Minor!

Go Braves!

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