Saturday, August 11, 2012

Braves @ Mets: Game 1

Paul Maholm got out his whoopin stick and beat the Mets about the head and ears for three hours. Ok, that's not entirely true. It only took 2:24 to fully whoop'em. In a lightning fast game of hardcore pitching dominance, the Braves crushed the Mets in a 4-0 smackdown. The Braves only had 4 hits themselves, but they scored 4 runs to go along with them. After 6 walks and two bombs by Jayhey and Dan OOOOOOOOggla, the gave was over.

MVP of the game is obviously Paul Maholm. Check out this line: 9 innings, 3 hits, no runs, no walks. Wow, a complete game shutout with no walks, and he struck out 5 guys. Short of throwing a no-no, that's about as overpowering a performance as you are going to see from a starting pitcher. I think we can agree that Frank Wren has made a solid choice in picking up this crafty lefty for our rotation down the stretch. The only thing that didn't go right for Maholm yesterday was the Nats blowing the Diamondbacks to pieces. Those bums continue to win. I think it's 7 in a row now. Would it kill you to help a brother out, Arizona?

Our hitting was pretty bad except for some long balls. The Mets hitting was atrocious with no upside. In this case, pretty bad trumped atrocious. It wasn't about the lineups, and frankly we didn't even have the whole setup in there. Chipper and BMac were both out, which gave us what Chuck Oliver from 680 the Fan refers to as the "Give Up Lineup" or GUL for short. Often you see it on a Sunday when we need to rest people for a long road trip. Without the contributions of Dan and Jason, it could have been a long long day in extra innings. Still, Rossy had a double, and Freeman got a base knock. Bourn set the table numerous times with 3 walks even though he didn't net a hit, but he did score a run on Jason's dinger.

Dan Uggla is hot, guys. He's nearing dancing bobcat hot. In August, Dan is slugging over .500 with an OBP over .400. Not only is he clubbing the ball (3 doubles and a homer), he's also had 9 hits in 8 games, coupled with 4 walks. In fact, Dan Uggla is the best hitting on the team in the month of August, with his .321 average, followed by Chipper at .318. Chipper, when he's in the game, has already stroked 3 doubles as well. Freddie has 3 doubles, Prado has 2, Janish has 2, and Heyward has 2. We've been doubling teams to death in August and I love it! In fact, we're 4th in the NL in doubles on the month. That kind of production needs to continue as we stretch out towards the 10 game stretch of tougher opponents in the latter part of the month.

Tonight we face Johan Santana. He's reeling right now. Let's make sure we help him go completely over the edge.

Go Braves!

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