Friday, August 24, 2012

Braves @ Giants: Game 1 Recap

Admittedly, I didn't stay up to watch the majority of this game, and you probably didn't either, so let me give you a recap on the parts that matter. First, we lost 5-2. Second, we didn't score a single run until the 9th inning. Third, we went 1-12 with RISP. Do you really need to know anything else to hang your head and say, "Here we go again?" I'll tell you when I checked out. Dan Uggla and Brian McCann somehow got back to back hits to lead off the second inning. In that miracle of all miracles, I assumed we were about to break open something supremely awesome. But lo, how wrong I was. Janish grounded out to move the runners to 2nd and 3rd. Tommy slapped the first pitch right at the pitcher, and Uggla hung himself out to dry getting picked off at 3rd trying to scramble back. Then Bourn flied out. Inning over. I literally turned off my TV, made my peace with the fact I didn't have to watch anymore, and went to bed. And you know what? I didn't miss anything.

Credit where credit is due, Uggla didn't have a bad day. He went 1-2 with 2 walks. Anytime he's on base 3 times in a game, he's on fire. Too bad he made several baserunning errors while he was out there. I guess he forgot how to run the bases since it's been so long. Janish and Bourn both drew an 0-for. Prado had a lackluster 1-4 with an 0-2 with RISP. McCann got his one early single and then went into a shell. Zito had everyone up there just swinging at crap, and Fredi G even admitted that "our approach wasn't great against him early on." Well no crap. I guess we won't be "tipping our cap" like we usually do. Maybe holding some of your guys accountable instead of just shrugging and hoping would be a nice chance of pace.

Tommy was a disaster again. Can we stop walking on eggshells around this kid? We all know he's the one that deserves to be sent to the pen. He went 94 pitches in 4.1 innings before giving up 5 runs on 7 hits and 3 walks. Tommy now has a WHIP at 1.47, which is just one tick better than the greasefire of Tim Lincecum. Do you see the problem here? Almost 2 guys are reaching base every inning when Tommy pitches. You can't keep putting out fires like that, and you can't go deep into games. A guy who can gives up 3 runs through 5 innings is useless over the long haul. He's 45th among qualified NL starters in ERA. HINT: There's only 53 of those. Wake up Fredi. The six man rotation is over. This guy has to go.

Tonight we face Sheets against Vogelsong. I am not optimistic. It's also another really late start. Oh, and here's something Atlanta fans never want to hear. HERE COME THE CARDINALS! Guess who's on a 3 game winning streak and has now taken over the wild card position from the Pirates? Yep, St. Louis. Get ready, people. This weekend could get very interesting.

Go Braves!

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