Saturday, July 28, 2012

Phillies @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

How do you score 6 runs on 5 hits? When Cole Hamels walks 6 batters, that's how. The Braves gave up and early run in the first inning, and I (like many fans) wondered if this was going to be the game where Sheets became human. Luckily for us, and I do mean luckily, that was not to be. Sheets closed the door on a one run inning, and Hamels opened it right back up with 3 walks, an error, and a hit. From down one to up one, the Braves took the lead in the 2nd inning and never let up.

The MVP of the game was Ben Sheets. He worked 6 innings with 6 hits and one run. That improves his record to 3-0 and an ERA of 0.50 on the year. Sheets had the ground ball outs working with a 9/5 ground ball to fly ball ratio. In addition to that, he struck out 5. Also, he retired 8 in a row after giving up the early run in the first. Sheets going into total lockdown mode on the Phillies was a big reason why the Braves stayed in this game mentally.

The Dan Uggla milk carton watch continues. He's now 0 for his last 18, although he did draw a walk and scored a run. Still, none of the Braves hit very well in this game. They made the hits they did get count. The important thing was that we went 3-7 with RISP, even though we only had 5 hits total. The Phillies were the exact opposite, going 0-8 with RISP on 7 hits. The key to the game was our ability to convert our chances, and the Phillies making errors in the field and at the plate.

The was very brisk for a 6-1 win, taking only 2:44 to complete. The reason was probably the 18 total strikeouts across both lineups. I was just happy to see the big contract boy, Cole Hamels, take one right on the chin. Today we face off with Minor against Blanton. We'll see how Blanton deals with the hot-hitting Brian McCann. Brian's hit 2 homers, and 4 RBIs in his last 6 games. Also, Chipper Jones is hitting .381 on the week. Look for both of those guys to set the tone in tonight's matchup.

Go Braves!

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