Monday, July 16, 2012

Mets @ Braves: Game 3 Recap

See those, Mets fans? Those are brooms. Brooms to sweep your sorry NY butts back to that rotten Apple! The streaky Braves are riding the top side of our streaky nature with 7 in a row. Plus, we don't have to play on a Monday where we all know the streak would have come to a screeching halt. I went to the game yesterday and Sheets was dominant. I love to see a guy like that come back and really find his groove right out the gate. He wasn't throwing incredible hard, but he was finding his locations and confusing the hitters in favorable counts. That's what you want out of a quality starter.

Santana and Sheets played cat and mouse for several innings before the Braves came up in the 5th inning. That's when all hell broke loose. As per usual, it all started with the lefty-killer, Matty Diaz, knocking a leadoff double off the wall in deep center. Our new boy Janish walked, Sheets bunted himself out, and then the onslaught was on. Bourn doubles, Martin sacflys, Heyward singles, Chipper singles, and then Freddie bids one farewell 433 feet into the stands. That's a MAN sized shot. It was death by 1,000 cuts followed by a boot to the skull. After the dust settled, it was 6-0 Braves, and the Mets looked like we'd just run over their dog.

MVP of the game is Ben Sheets. What a comeback after 2 years absence. The man went 6 innings of shutout, TWO HIT baseball. What?!? How in the world do you come back after not playing for two years and throw a two hitter? Frankly, as long as he's doing it for us, I don't care how he did it. With 5 Ks and only 1 walk, Sheets had complete control of the zone. It didn't hurt that the Braves touched up Santana for 8 hits in 5 innings, either. That kind of production certainly gives a starter confidence that we can make our hay when we need it.

Braves went 3-8 with RISP (reaching that magical .300+ number I love), had four 2-out RBIs, 3 doubles, and a homer. Every single Brave including the pitcher and PH got on base. It was the very definition of a team win, with only Chipper having a multi-hit game. I made sure to let Chipper know from my seats how much we appreciated the Old Grey Mare. Also, I liked to see the hustle out of our new boy Paul Janish as he came in head-first to home on the Martin sacrifice. He looks like a good pickup at the SS position to fill the gap until Simmons comes back in August (hopefully). And lastly, I want to give Fredi G some credit on his lineup choices. Not only does he put in the lefty killer Diaz to face Santana, but he also took out Uggla, who previously only had one hit on 21 ABs against Santana with 12 Ks. That's a smart move on the manager's part to play the percentages when you have a struggling player, and a lineup that includes several moving parts due to injury. For the people that love to question Fredi on the bad calls, you have to give him credit on the good ones if you are a true fan.

On to the off day. I'm going to spend it watching reruns of Family Guy, and checking in on the USA national basketball team as they face off against Brazil. Also, there's a crappy Angels v. Tigers game on ESPN if you're starved for baseball. I don't consider the American League baseball, however, so I won't be paying attention to that.

Go Braves!

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