Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mets @ Braves: Game 2 Recap

I'm as shocked as you are that we came back to win that game. I figured down 2 heading to the later innings, we were probably toast. Reason being, we're 13th in the NL in batting average after the 6th inning. And yet, even though Hanson was a complete disaster in this game, we still managed to pull out a win on the backs of our 1-2-3 hitters. Also, the offensive dynamic looks really different when both McCann and Uggla are hitting in the same game.

The game was a seesaw for 8 innings. Mets led, then the Braves took it back, then the Mets tied it, then the Braves took it back, then the Mets took the lead, and finally the Braves took it back for good. In a game where you expected two Aces on the hill to keep the scoring down, you got the exact opposite. Dickey and Hanson were both terrible. They gave up a combined 17 hits and 11 earned runs in 5 innings. Then, the bullpens got involved. I'll take our bullpen over the Mets bullpen any day of the week. Durbin ended up letting in two of Tommy's runs, but frankly Tommy deserved it. I need more out of him than just getting to the 6th inning and blowing up. That's always been my knock on Tommy is that he doesn't go deep enough into games, and he doesn't escape trouble like a Hudson does.

MVP of the game was Freddie Freeman. He manged 3/4 on the game with a couple of 2-out RBIs and a double. Heyward, Bourn, and Prado get the honorable mention nod for their late game singles that gave us the lead in the 8th. Both McCann and Uggla got on base twice and scored two runs a piece. That's huge for us if they start producing back in the lineup. Chipper Jones drew a rare 0/5 in the game in the cleanup spot. Luckily, it didn't affect the outcome.

Let me expand on something that's been bothering me a lot. Our pinch hitters are completely useless, and it's driving me crazy. Tyler Pastornicky comes into the game yesterday in the 8th. His ONLY job is to lay down a bunt and move the runners to second and third so a hit will tie the game. What does he do? Bunts two foul and strikes out swinging. COME ON! Then, Juan Fransisco comes in to pinch hit and he strikes out. So, for those of you playing the home game, that's runners still on first and second, nobody did a damn thing, and we have two outs. Then, we unleashed the fury of Bourn, Heyward, and Prado. Still, our pinch hitting almost cost us that game. We're .156 on the season pinch-hitting, folks, and that's dead last in the league. You know what the Nats are? A league 2nd .284 pinch hitting. We absolutely cannot catch a team like that if we continue to absolutely stink a PH scenarios, especially if your only job is TO GET A FREAKING BUNT DOWN! ARGH!

Ok, I'm calm again. Today Ben Sheets goes for the Braves for the first time. I'll be at the game. If you see a guy in a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt and straw hat behind home plate on the left hand side (as the camera faces home plate from center) that's me. I'll be getting a first class view of the "new" old kid on the block. Plus, we're going for a sweep of the hated Mets. Oh and did I mention we've won 6 in a row now? Remember that streaky word I used for the team at the break? Let's just streak our way to a sweep!

Go Braves!

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