Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mets @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

We pretty much owned this game except for the 4th inning. Take away that particular mess, and we would have won in a 7-1 runaway. As it stood, we lived a little on the edge with a 7-5 win. A few things jumped out to me about this win. First, Huddy was locating his pitches, but he was having a tough time putting away anybody in the 4th inning. A lesser pitcher would have completely lost his cool, but Hudson just weathered the storm with the lead still intact. Second, Martinez really put out the fire in the 5th when he loaded the bases with nobody out, but managed to strike out two in a row and induce a flyout to preserve the game. Third, Dan Uggla needs to freaking relax at the plate. fouling out on the first pitch with the bases loaded and one out? Why??? Young had just walked in two straight batters before Uggla and walked a guy after him. If Uggla had just chilled out, we could have really put our foot on the Mets early.

The MVP of the game is David Ross. Not only did Ross draw 3 walks in the game, one of which scored a run, but he also hit a 3 run homer in the 3rd that extended the lead to 5-0, and made the difference in the win. Ross is now batting .282 on the season with 4 home runs, and that's as a backup. I am at a loss to think of a batter backup catcher in the league. Probably because there isn't one. Ross was in the game because David McCann had his first child, and went on Paternity leave. He's supposed to be back tonight.

I think I should also note that we had some major issues at SS last night. With Simmons out because of a hand injury, we had to put in Jack Wilson, who then proceeded to damage HIS hand, so we had to put in Martin Prado. The thing is, Martin can basically play anywhere, and he made several good defensive plays there. He's amazing. At one point early in the game the power went out at Turner Field. The going Twitter joke was that Prado had gone under the stadium to work on getting the power restored, before he went back out on the field.

The hitting was pretty spread out and solid by most of the team. Prado drew a rare 0-for, but I credit that to his position transition. 10 hits in the game, and three guys with multi-hit games including Tim Hudson! Oh and to continue his magical run, Chipper decided to go yard again, and hit a double. Watching the Old Grey Mare leg out a double is worth the price of admission. It's sort of like a really awkward shamble to victory. The key part of the game was 2 out RBIs. Six of our seven runs came with 2 outs, and that's the kind of clutch hitting we're going to need to get to the playoffs.

Tonight it's Hanson v. Dickey. The truth is that this is a very even game with some tough pitching. The game on paper indicates it will be a battle of the bullpens if the starters get knocked out, favoring us. However, Dickey has a better streak going than Hanson, so the Braves don't want to be trailing after 6 innings. We need to get an early lead on Dickey so Hanson can establish the zone. Two or three runs will make a world of difference.

Go Braves!

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