Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giants @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

I turned off the game in the 4th inning. Granted, I expected us to struggle in this matchup due to our very poor hitting against Zito lifetime, but getting roasted at home was a pretty ugly way to cull a winning streak. The great thing about baseball is that it doesn't matter how much you lost by yesterday. It starts 0-0 all over again this evening with a chance to still win the series.

Jurrjens was awful. It was his worst outing since the comeback, and he couldn't locate at all. Now, I don't put this all on him, because the Braves had ample chances to get this game back on the rails before the 4th inning disaster. The game was only 0-2, and one run would have mentally made it seem like a winnable contest. Instead, the Braves were no-hit for 3 straight innings. At that point, JJ pretty much knew this game was going to be a disaster, and he mentally imploded in the 4th. He had a bad game, and I plan on writing this one off since the offense decided they weren't going to show up anyway.

Speaking of the absent offense, let me detail who showed up with a hit. Martin Prado (no shock there), Freddy Freeman, Paul Janish, Brian McCann, and Tyler Pastornicky with a PH hit. However, the lineup went 0-5 with RISP, Brian McCann and Dan Uggla combining for 0-3, and Michael Bourn never got on base. If Bourn doesn't even touch a bag, I can pretty much guarantee we lost. In fact, the last time Bourn didn't even get to first base, we lost to Washington on July 1st 4-8. We need him to, at the very least, set the table. It doesn't matter if he walks, hits, or leans into an inside changeup. Bourn getting on base puts us in the game offensively.

The loss means we drop a game in the standings since the Nats beat the Mets in a 10 inning battle. The Mets are starting to act like the Mets we know and love. They are in a second half freefall that may or may not stop before they solve their terrible pitching woes. Washington continues to take advantage of a very easy schedule out of the break before we go into their building for a weekend barnburner, including a day/night double header! A full Saturday of baseball? Yes please!

The Giants toss Vogelsong at Minor tonight. On paper, this is even worse than the last game. However, I am slightly optimistic for a few reasons. One, Minor hasn't lost at home since the Yankees game on June 12th, and he's won his last two starts in a row. Two, whenever the Giants have scored 8 or more runs in a game, they next game they average around 3 runs. And Three, Freddie Freeman is red hot right now. We need to set him up to succeed, and that means guys like Chipper and Heyward need to get on base. So, don't buy into the Vogelsong hype. He's lost his last two road starts, and I think we can make it 3 in a row.

Go Braves!

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