Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cubs @ Braves: Games 2 & 3

Chipper Jones made a statement in Game 2 that he belonged in the All-Star game with the rest of those young whippersnappers. It would make my season if he went out to 3rd before the game and told the Kung-fu Panda to get off his lawn. As for Game 3, it went the way I expected. The hotter hitting lineup won the game. I fully expected it was the game we would lose due to the Curse of Delgado, neglecting the fact that there was the Curse of the Mondays as well. We have too many curses. I think Fredi pissed off gypsies at some point in his career.

Game 2 was the 5/5 Chipper Jones show, so it's obvious he got the MVP. Jurrjens got his second win to draw even at 2-2, which I think is huge for his confidence in the rotation. The top of the lineup was amazing in this game. The 1 thru 4 spots went 8/16 with 10 RBIs. That's the kind of run production I expect from our team. We are very capable of stringing together runs in a big fashion. Now, if you watched the 3rd inning of this game, you know how terrible the defense was behind JJ. However, he never lost his cool and pitched great for the remainder of his start. The line looks weird because he went 5 inning with 3 runs, but none of them were earned runs. You can thank Dan Uggla for that. Speaking of which, no hits for Dan in this game. BMac got a hit, though! However, both of them have been moved to their appropriate place in the back end of the order, so neither had any RBIs.

Game 3 was a disaster at the plate. What else do you expect? Delgado doesn't get run support, so why should we start now? Prado, Bourn, and Chipper tried their damnedest to keep us in the game, even tying it at one point. Those three guys went 7/12 on the day. The rest of the team? One hit. One...freaking...hit. And God bless him, it was David Ross. I'm so very close to going off the deep end and suggesting we just put Rossy out there in the starter job. I'm not insane enough to do that yet, but if BMac drops under .220 on the season, and we have a backup batting .270+ with a better arm? It's practically unthinkable. And yet, I'm at a loss to figure out what to do while McCann and Uggla struggle in a very public fashion.

Speaking of struggles, can I send Jonny Venters to the minors already? I'm tired of him trying to fix his sinker on the job. He sucks, Fredi. He doesn't have it. He gave up a WP run and a homer, and you keep running him out there. Who came in to put out the fire with a 3 pitch strikeout, by the way? DURBIN. Learn faster, Fredi. Maybe do a quick scan of the numbers before you lock in on a guy. Here's a note for you since you seem to not understand what's wrong with Jonny. He has the worst ERA of all your relievers. He's 4.45 ERA, which is 111th amongst RP in the NL. There are literally more than 100 guys in the National League who are better than Venters, so I have to imagine there's at least one in the minors who can do his job right now.

Overall, I'm going to be disappointed that we can't win the series against a bad team. Them's the breaks, and we need to win tonight to go on a 5-5 homestand. And we will win tonight. I refuse to believe otherwise. I refuse to believe we could drop three games to the worst team in baseball. That will NOT happen. So, go out there Minor, and champion our cause. Channel the control of Greg Maddux and throw the game of your life. And while we're at it, SCORE SOME RUNS! I'm going to say we can get 7 tonight, so get out there and make it happen!

Go Braves!

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