Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cubs @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

I want two things. One, I want Bud Selig to readjust our schedule so we don't have to play on Mondays for the rest of the season. Two, I want to clone 8 other Martin Prado's so we can get some consistency on this team. Is there a better player on the Braves right now? Prado is now hitting .320 on the season with 32 RBIs out of a majority #2 slot. He has a hitting streak going back to June 24th. He's only gone 2 games in a row without a hit once all season. He is the rock on a team that lacks any sort of identity right now. Were I the rest of the team, I'd find out what Martin eats, where he sleeps, what kind of socks he wears, what he thinks about before hitting, where he parks his car, and just copy it all.

This game really highlights the Braves problem in the first half of the season. It's not that we can't hit the ball, it's that we can't hit the ball when it really matters. It also highlights the second problem with the team at the plate, strikeouts. We struck out 11 times in this game. That's pathetic. We went 1-6 with RISP, and that one base hit was a 2 out grinder by Prado. We need more grinders. We need less Ks. Hanson was ok until the 7th when he absolutely exploded, not that it mattered since we only got one run. Once again, I will remind people that pitching isn't a problem with this team. With a few rare exceptions, our pitching has put us in positions to win. We just have to score more than 3 runs early in the game to establish a groove.

There's one horrifying stat I've been ignoring up to now, but it's becoming very relevant. Our pinch hitters are only hitting .162 on the season. That's 15th in the NL, just ahead of the very offensively challenged Giants. Folks, if we can't rely on at least some form of pinch hitting late in games, we won't win the close ones, and we certainly won't have any comeback wins. Also, the BMac watch continues. He went 0/3 yesterday, and you may see his MISSING photo on a milk carton very shortly. He's now 0/11 in his last 3 games. At least Uggla managed to get a hit, so I'm hoping he's beginning to shake off the early season woes.

That's your one loss, boys. That's all you get. Now go out there and win the rest of them, because we can't tolerate losing to the worst team in baseball in a 4 game series. We're now 5 back of the Nats, and we're in a danger zone before the break. We need runs tonight. RUNS. Buckets and buckets of runs. I'd like to score 18 more before this series is over, and we can do it.

Go Braves!

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