Thursday, July 26, 2012

Braves @ Marlins: Game 3 Recap

I love it when a plan comes together. The Braves were licking their chops at facing Nolasco yesterday, since they had feasted on him in the past. Meanwhile, the Marlins are trading anything that's not tied down since they realized that building a new stadium didn't suddenly produce a winning club. Nor did it produce fans that care. They did manage to fill up the building yesterday with screaming children because it was "Summer Camp Day." I think that means kids got tickets for $10 or something. They got to see what a real baseball team looks like, at least. Perhaps we got to them early enough where they will reject the flashy stupidity of the Marlins and become part of Braves Country.

Tommy Hanson was a tempest in a teacup. I have never seen such wild pitching so well controlled on the mound. In fact, he set a record that hasn't been done since the 1930s with Bob Feller. Tommy managed to win a game after giving up 7 walks, 7 steals, 7 Ks, and only one earned run. Think about the insanity of that for a second. The Marlins had 11 baserunners and stranded 10 of them. They went 1-12 with RISP. At one point it was just becoming absurd how many people were running on Tommy, and they STILL couldn't move runners across the plate. With all the trades, the Marlins are now undoubtly the worst team in the NL East in my mind.

The MVP of the game was Juan "Gone" Fransisco. Juan had a homer, 3 hits, and 3 RBIs (two of which were with 2 outs). The dinger he hit off Nolasco was a gigantic 423 feet to right field in the 4th inning. That was the hit that ended up being the game-winner since the Marlins never got above 1 run. Juan doesn't get a lot of publicity because he isn't an everyday guy. However, with some of the injuries and Chipper having to platoon because of his knees, Fransisco has been getting more chances to start. In his last two starts, Fransisco's had 5 hits in 8 ABs. It's possible he's got the hot hand right now.

Dan Uggla was given the day off, so we had to postpone the milk carton watch until next series. Prado stepped in for him at 2nd, and managed to go 0-4. Maybe it's just 2nd base that sucks? Bourn had one hit on the day and it was a man-sized 417 footer to right. I'm constantly amazed that our leadoff guy has that much power for a dude he's shorter than me. He's up to 8 homers on the year, and slugging at .441 for the season. Heyward also added to the long-ball contest with rather dainty 386 foot shot compared to the other two. He was 2/4 on the day, and 3/10 on the series. The kid has worked his way out of major issues with the bat, and it putting up respectable numbers. I'll take .270 and 15 homers out of the guy after last season's debacle.

We head into a Thursday off day. I hate off days. The Nats play the Brewers tonight on MLB network if you actually get that channel. You can root on the Brew Crew to help us pick up half a game. Otherwise, you've got mid-day early Olympics crap on the myriad of networks NBC is trying to cram down our throats. Most of it is soccer matches between countries you couldn't find on a map, so I could care less. ESPN will be doing a feature on the Broncos training camp, possibly so they can get even more Peyton coverage on TV before the season starts. I recommend finding a DVR or a good book.

Go Braves!

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