Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Braves @ Marlins: Game 2 Recap

This was a quick game that looked like it could have spun out of control in the first couple of innings. Huddy started slow and then came out guns blazing after the 2nd inning. The team as a whole was much more patient at the plate, drawing 6 walks and collecting 7 hits as we scored our 4 runs to win the game. Everyone got on base in the game...except Dan Uggla who flied out with the bases loaded in the 4th. The Dan Uggla Milk Carton watch continues, as he's now 0-15 with 7 Ks.

Meanwhile, the MVP of the game goes to Jason Heyward. During the game, Heyward managed two walks, a hit, and 2 RBIs. Heyward's OBP for the year is now approaching a robust .350. Martin Prado also helped the cause by scoring the game winning run after his RBI in the 4th. Freeman's good eye drew him two walks, one of which came with the bases loaded, so even he drew an RBI without the benefit of a hit. All in all, the Braves approached the game at the top of the order the way we expected. Patience, waiting for opportunities, taking the walks, and taking the balls to all parts of the park.

The bullpen worked two innings of shutout ball following Hudson's effort of 16 straight sat down. Kimbrel was his usual studly self in the save, and EOF only gave up one hit in his inning of work. The Braves went 3-8 with RISP and beat that .300 number I'm constantly hounding. Plus, they did it all in a half full (maybe) ball park. This new field in Miami is probably going to be the biggest financial disaster that town has seen in pro sports. The listed average attendence there is 28,000 for the year. I don't think that's suddenly going to go up now that the Marlins are 12.5 out of first, 8 out of the wild card, and 7 games under .500. Hell, when Minnesota and the Mets opened their parks in the last 3 years, they averaged near 40,000 a game. The Marlins don't deserve a baseball team, let alone a brand new lime green ballpark.

We play a game today in Miami @ 12:40. Any guesses how many fans show up to this one? I'm betting 18,000 would be a win for them, and that's including the people that bought season tickets and won't show. Some good news about the matchup for today. Hanson has won his last 3 games, while Nolasco has lost his last 2. Atlanta is 37-23 against Righty starters, while Miami is 28-38 against the same. Also, Miami is only 16-18 in day games, and 22-29 coming off a loss. Atlanta is 32-21 coming off a win. I can see a scenario where we win this game in big fashion, considering that our lineup is batting over .300 lifetime off Nolasco. In fact, Jason Heyward, Brian McCann, and Chipper Jones are all hitting .350 combined off the kid. It's time to pour it on in the Miami sunshine.

Go Braves!

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