Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Braves @ Marlins: Game 1 Recap

I took some time to recap this game because I had to let my blood stop boiling. Many of you would think that I was angry over the obvious blown call at first base by Laz Diaz in the 9th inning. That's partially true, but not really the whole reason. You can't really hang an entire time on one bad call in the ninth inning when you were just pathetic for the first 8 innings. That's what people seem to forget when they see that bad call against Heyward. What about the other innings? What about the fact that our lineup produced exactly 1 hit in 8 freaking innings? ONE HIT! That's what kills me.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Shall we start? Heyward, Freeman, Uggla, and Janish never got on base once. Heyward gets a pass for the bad call. The rest of them couldn't do anything. Freeman and Uggla both got hyper aggressive in their ABs and it cost them. As usual, their first attempts were fine, taking counts deep and hitting into outs. The second ABs, Freeman swung at several balls out of the zone when he struck out, and Uggla had a 2-0 count before he grounded out on a bad pitch. Third AB, Freeman sees one ball and starts hacking, flying out on the 3rd pitch. Uggla hacked as well and struck out swinging on three straight. The theme was for these guys to get in trouble, throw patience out the window, and turn into freewheeling fools. We've got to stop this if we want to win. The reason Heyward got doubled up, other than the bad call, is because he swung at a bad pitch with a freaking 2-0 count in the 9th. Again, no patience! When you sum up our wins, we had patience at the plate and worked counts in our favor. When we lost, we got overly aggressive and didn't make pitchers pitch to our zones.

So the Monday curse has increased to epic proportions. It's now taken on a life of it's own. We can't hit on Mondays at all. Oh and Dan Uggla is 0-12 now since his "breakout" game in Washington. I guess it's safe to say he's not broken out. He's now back on the watch list for the next 7 days. We need to get him to calm the heck down and stop hacking. He's two strikeouts away from being tied for the most strikeouts by any batter in the National League. To go more in depth with what Dan needs to do as a constructive outlook, consider the following: when Dan is behind in the count (0-1, 1-2, 0-2), he's batting .170 on the year. When he is ahead in the count (1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1), he's batting .377 on the year. There's a 200 point batting average difference when Dan works counts.

Some good news heading into tonights game. Huddy is on the mound. The Braves are 10-4 on Tuesdays. We are 4-1 when playing a team with a losing record after the all star break. The Marlins are 28-37 against RH starters. And finally, Mark Buehrle lost in June against the Braves in his last start against us. Let's go get em Huddy!

Go Braves!

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