Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yankees @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

We got robbed. Better yet, BMac got robbed by Nick Swisher when he pulled back a 2 run homer that would have changed the complexion of the game. The Yankees were great with the glove, and that made all the difference. You just have to shake off a game like that and not hang your head.

We only got one guy in scoring position all game. That's how bad it was. We had the leadoff guy on a good bit, but we could never get any action on the ball. Nova was suffocating with his pitching, and the Yankee bullpen was even better. Delgado kept us in the game, but he could only do so much as a rook. Frankly, he didn't even have his best stuff and he still kept a potential disaster to a 3 run affair. Way too many walks though. Anytime you walk 6 guys as a starter, your loss pecentage is going to skyrocket.

Let's be fair about this, though. It was a battle of their lineup versus our lineup. Their lineup was better. On the whole, I'd say there lineup will continue to be better. And it should be since they paid twice as much for it. They put up a graphic last night which gave the salary details for the Yankees. Their starting infield costs as much as our entire team payroll. In a battle of the bats, we're usually going to get crushed by their big fat wallets.

That said, we did a crappy job of hitting with favorable counts in this game. Here's a few examples:

1) 2-0 count in the first, BMac flies out to center.
2) 1-0 count in the third, Simmons grounds into a double play.
3) 2-0 count in the fourth, Freeman flies out to end the inning
4) 2-0 count in the fifth, Simmons grounds into FC at second.
5) 1-0 count in the seventh, Heyward grounds out to end the inning.

The key was that Nova wasn't throwing first pitch strikes, but we weren't letting him hang himself. We were swinging at bad pitches in favorable counts that went nowhere. That approach cost us the game. When we do the reverse, and have better patience at the plate, we've gotten much better results.

Tonight it's Minor v. Sabathia. Might as well be David v. Goliath without a slingshot. Sabathia is a 6-7 listed 290 lbs guy (my guess is 320 easy), and Minor is a 6-4 205 lbs rail. Minor has a 6.57 ERA with 55 strikeouts and a 3-4 record. Sabathia has a 3.69 ERA with 86 strikeouts and a 7-3 record. Both of these guys are lefties. That's in our favor since our starting lineup is hitting .275 against lefties, and theirs is batting .260. If there was EVER a guy to be patient against, it's CC Sabathia. He will walk people, and it will get him in trouble. Whenever he's walked 3 or more batters, the Yankees have lost the game. Keep that in mind tonight.

Go Braves!

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