Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diamondbacks @ Braves: Series Preview

Interleague is over and the real baseball can begin again. We start with the Diamondbacks who, little known to the rest of the world, have been putting together a nice June. They've won 4 in a row, and they are 7-3 in their last 10. Who the hell were they playing in interleague? Oh Seattle. And they got to play the Cubs early. Good for them. That win streak doesn't terrify me.

Game 1: Hudson v... Hudson
Game 2: Cahill v. Hanson
Game 3: Bauer v. Jurrjens

Let me start by saying LOVE IT. LOVE THE MATCHUPS! Finally I can go into a series at home not dreading the potential crappiness of our starters. Downside, we have a pretty facepalming rotation for the Nats series, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully sporting a series win.

Game 1 is tonight, and Diamondbacks hitters only have a career .186 average against Tim Hudson. Meanwhile, Braves hitters have a .345 average against Daniel Hudson, and Daniel has a 6.60 ERA on the season. Danny boy has a 7.83 ERA in June, and gave up 7 earned in his last game against the Mariners. This is about as lopsided of a matchup as you're likely to see in our favor. Which means we actually have to hit the ball. You hear me BMac and Uggla? You're both batting less than .200 on the week. Stop sucking. I'm getting tired of the back end of our order having to carry both of you. Jason Heyward hit .579 last week for heaven's sake.

Game 2 features a guy named Trevor Cahill. You may know him from his days in Oakland if you paid attention to the AL. He's the very definition of the innings eating plowhorse starter. ERA's not fantastic, but he can strike you out and he doesn't give up a ton of homers. However, he is susceptable to getting taken station to station if you can string together an inning. He's coming off an outing against Seattle where he gave up 6 runs on 9 hits in 6 innings. He faced us on April 20th, and we whipped his butt 9-1. Hanson hasn't lost a game since May. Again, this is lopsided in our favor.

Game 3 is a complete questions mark. In our corner you have JJ, who looked like he was Van Gogh in his last start against Boston. In their corner you have Trevor Bauer, a AAA prospect out of Reno who will be making his Major League debut in place of Joe Saunders on the DL. Essentially, this is the Forrest Gump box of chocolates. I can tell you that JJ has struggled against the Diamondbacks in his career, but that was back before "the troubles" as I'll call it. So, yeah. My analysis on this game is that nobody really knows. Anybody who says they do is a liar. Score 10 runs and I feel like we've got a good shot at winning.

I think we can win this series. Hell, I think we SHOULD win this series. It would upset me greatly if we struggle against the D'backs given where we are in the standings, and given that we are dodging their best starter in Wade Miley. You remember what I said earlier Uggla and McCann? I wasn't joking. You better freaking hit the ball. I've been extremely patient with you both, but it's almost July and you both are batting under .250 for the year. Literally six starters on our team have a better average than you right now, and the guy we shipped down to AAA at short was hitting for a better average than either of your when he left. Frankly, you should be as pissed off at your performance as I am. BMac, I'm especially mad at your because you are batting .164 with RISP. Are you kidding me? At least Uggla's at .246 while he's struggling. It's time to man up, both of you.

Go Braves!

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