Thursday, June 21, 2012

Braves @ Yankees: Game 3 Recap

The Yankees lose! How does it feel getting out-homered in your own house, you greaseballs? Maybe you can dry those tears with all those millions you spent on your team. I'm glad we got to take down that huge streak after becoming a victim of it at home. It once again raises the question of why we are so terrible at the Ted, and so very good on the road? We are 15-17 at home, 22-15 on the road. Last year we were 47-34 at home, and 42-39 on the road. So that's completely different from the prior year in terms of our advantage. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not.

Do you like the long-ball? You got all you could handle in this little BS ballpark they have in NY. It's like Great American, with an even dumber right field fence. RF goes from 355  to 314 feet on the lines. Turner goes from 390 down to 330 in RF. So when the wind is heading out to right? A popup can leave the stadium. And they did in droves. Here's a list of the homers that went out in that game yesterday with the footage:

Freeman - Right Center (407 feet), this one is gone anywhere
Jeter - Right Center (396 feet), also gone in almost every park
Prado - Left (392 feet), gone in both ballparks
Heyward - Right (357 feet), this is a popup that's only gone here and Great American
Ross - Left (404 feet), gone everywhere
Chavez - Center (416 feet), that's an absolute bomb
ARod - Right (351 feet), are you kidding me? 351 feet clears the fences? Joke.
Cano - Right Center (403 feet), that's a man-sized shot
Heyward - Right (371 feet), this one's questionable. Probably a 50/50 ball to some fields

So, for the most part in the hot weather the homers were legit. One of Heywards and ARods "homers" were fancy fly balls at best. Still, the game was insane. Pitchers were cowering the dugouts in fear. Phil Hughes got rocked for his worst outing since May going 4.1 with 6 earned runs on 4 homers. Hanson was good enough to get through 5 innings without surrendering the lead, so he got the win. It wasn't a special pitching performance by any of our guys, and it didn't have to be. That's the greatness of the Braves when we are scoring runs. Our pitchers are going to pitch strategically when we have a lead, and that's a huge advantage for us.

MVP of the game was Heyward. Kid takes a lot of crap when he's down, so he gets the accolades when he's going well. Two home runs for 3 RBIs is already helping that average move up. He's hitting the ball much better in June than he's hit all year. Right now he's posting a .351 average for the month, with a 11 RBIs, 10 runs scored, 5 doubles, a triple, and 4 homers. Oh and he's only struck out 11 times in his 57 ABs. You see the improvement there? Compare it to May when he was batting .200 with 30 Ks in 90 ABs. HUGE upgrade by Heyward as the weather got warmer. Frankly, we need it when the rest of the lineup is only just now starting to wake up latter half of the month.

Day off today while the Braves head to Boston. Enjoy the time for your other sports. If you're into that sort of thing, the Miami Heat are playing tonight to win their first championship. If you're not, the College World Series is on starting at 5PM with the KentSt/South Carolina game. Also, the MLB network is carrying either the Philly or the Miami game tonight, so you can laugh at those teams if they lose. Good times.

Go Braves!

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