Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Braves @ Yankees: Game 2 Recap

Well, well, well. The Braves essentially stole a game from the Yankees with some decent hitting and some outstanding defense. Heyward gunned out Teixeira at the plate, and Chip cut down Granderson at home. Both those plays turned out to be game-saving. That's good, because Heyward also blundered into an idiotic baserunning error that cost us a run. So, he managed to wash the slate clean. Hudson wasn't great only going 5 IP with 3 runs, 5 walks, and 5 Ks, but he was good enough. Why? Because we scored 4 runs.

Thing is, we could have had even more if Uggla wasn't a turnstile out there all game. Seriously, he struck out four times. Come on, Dan. I've outlined how well this team does when you're hitting. I need you to get with the program here at the end of June. You are a cleanup hitter that's now dropped below a .250 average. Meanwhile, Heyward and Simmons are absolutely electric in the box. It's really odd that our hottest hitters are our end of the order guys, but that's Fredi's call. Oh, and I think we should point out that Hinske has completely lost it. He's had one hit in June. That's in 19 ABs. Since May 4th against Colorado, Hinske has been hitting 4/58 (.069 average). Yeah.

The important thing is that we did just enough to get ahead on an infield single in the 6th, and the bullpen held its water. Durbin, EOF, and Kimbrel were all great out there in relief. Jonny continues to bug me, but he got the job done. Still, I'm not pleased that Venters put the first two batters he saw on base. That's a recipe for disaster 4 out of every 5 times. Kimbrel notched his 20th save, which puts him in first place in the NL. He's a stud. The last time he gave up a run was, May 4th against the Rockies. He and Hinske have been going in completely opposite directions since then. Maybe Eric needs to try whatever Kimbrel is eating for breakfast. My guess is Special K.

So the final game of this series is a day game @ 1PM. Make sure to tune in those work radios and pretend like you are actually working on something. I recommend keeping lots of odd looking papers on your desk, and then every inning you shift the papers around. Also, try the George Costanza approach of just looking generally frustrated when people walk by. Either way, we have a chance to win a series against the Yankees, so you'll want to be listening. Hanson goes against Hughes in a battle of the June unbeatens. Neither hurler has lost a game in their June starts, until now! Let's hope the bats make Hughes take an early exit. I would love to punctuate my Wednesday with Yankee tears.

Go Braves!

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