Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Braves @ Marlins: Game 1 Recap

Domination. That's the word to describe what happened yesterday. Complete and utter domination. It's a great feeling when you can watch a laugher, and your starter is ruling the infield with his sinker. Oh and when Dan Uggla plunks a shot off the huge monstrosity in center field? I laughed until I almost cried it was so funny. You know that thing wanted to light up, but it couldn't because it wasn't the home team. So it sat there in stoic ugly silence as Uggla paraded around the bases. It's almost akin to a guy knocking one off the Bull in Bull Durham. Of course, in Bull Durham he won a free steak. In Miami, you win a massage from those chicks in the Clevelander. Not really, but I can dream.

Hudson had a complete game shutout for the first time this season, 13th of his career, and the Marlins only managed 5 hits. Of his 27 outs, Huddy went 14/10/3 ground/fly/K, proving that no infield is too quick for the Hudson sinker. Simmons continued to shine with the glove, as he was involved in 2 double plays during the game, and the young kid had 3 hits with 3 RBIs. Welcome to the majors young gun! Heyward had 3 hits, Prado had 2 hits, and Freeman had 2 hits. The only guys who didn't have any hits during the slugfest were BMac and Contanza. I think it may be time to keep an eye on McCann during June. He's under .250 on the season, and he doesn't look comfortable at the plate. I believe the injuries are really taking their toll.

In an 11-0 game, picking just one MVP is impossible. In rare instances, dual MVPs must be declared in order to keep things fair. With such an instance in mind, both Tim Hudson and Dan Uggla deserve MVPs for this game. Huddy not only had a complete game shutout on the road, but he also had a hit that plated 2 runs for his own cause. Uggla went 4/5 with 5 RBIs, a double, and 2 home runs. Is that even possible in one game? Apparently so. That shot off the sun in center was 445 feet. If you hit that at Great American Bandbox it's in the river. Yes, I'm still bitter.

An 11 run rout only took 2:36 to finish, which I think is pretty amazing. It's a testament to how fast Timmy was working in the bottom half of the innings. Listed attendence was 25,000 and if it was a head over 18,000 that actually showed up while the Heat were playing down the street, I'll eat my khakis. Nobody really wants to admit yet that building a new ballpark for a Florida franchise will turn out to be a bad idea. When you poll people in Florida about what their team is, the most popular answer is 20% are Yankees fans. I'm not making that up. Also, only 11% of people in the 18-35 male demo there consider themselves baseball fans. If they end up out-drawing Turner Field this year, I'll be stunned.

Tonight, it's Delgado (our hard luck loser) v. Johnson (their can't lose starter). My guess is there will be some payback, and Delgado is probably going to bear the brunt of it. I know for a fact Delgado was sitting in the bullpen watching 11 runs come in for Tim, thinking to himself, "Come on guys, save some for me!" I don't know that he's going to get them. In the game against Philly where we scored 15 to win, Delgado got zero run support the next day. Delgado got only one run when he went against the Cubs and the Reds. He got 2 in a loss against Tampa after we scored 5 for Hanson the prior day. The dude needs help. We can't go out there for a 22 year old and say, "There's your run!" So Dan, if you can plunk a few more off the dolphins, we'd be much obliged.

Go Braves!

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