Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cards @ Braves: Game 1 Recap

I went to this game on Monday. Lovely day, nice weather, good atmosphere, and an absolute metric ton of Cardinals fans showed up. They always do. I can't tell if they are just bandwagon people who live in the city, or if they are travelling sideshow folks that decide to take the quick flight for the holiday. Either way, lots of redbird gear in the stands, and most of it was in the SunTrust section. Yeah. The Corporate stooges might want to check who is sitting in their vaunted seats on TV. It makes you look bad.

So the game. Well, I had nachos and a funnel cake, and that was the one of the highlights of the afternoon. Lance Lynn was in a rythym all day, throwing 7 innings of two run, 5 hit ball. Tommy Hanson was NEVER in the groove, throwing a 3.1 inning, 8 hit, 6 run, 3 walk disaster. Hanson gave up 2 bombs, one to Furcal off all people, who only had 3 homers going into the game. I can't really understand what in the world has happened to our pitching staff, but over the last week our ERA is 5.66 across all pitchers. Only two teams in the NL are worse: Colorado and San Diego. Those two teams are a combined 26 games under .500, and are completely out of the playoff picture in May. Not exactly the kind of company we'd like to keep.

BMac did come back to play in this game after his "mystery illness," (I'm going to guess he had the Oregon Trail form of dysentery) but the layoff didn't do him any favors as he went 0/4. Uggla, Heyward, and Fransisco had a decent afternoon hitting the ball, but everyone else was completely inept. We didn't have a runner touch 2nd base until the 4th inning. Geeky high school sophomores have a better rate than that. We went 1-2-3 in six of our nine innings. Anything more than 4 is too many. To say we were lacking in all facets of the game would be a dramatic understatement. Tommy never gave us a chance to win, and the bats were uninterested in creating any kind of rally.

In the last 10 games, we've never scored more than 4 runs. We averaged 2.4 runs a game. And yet, give the fans a ton of credit for getting out to the ballpark even in a down streak. The attendance for these 4 games over Memorial day weekend was an average of 40,333 people. That's well above our average for the season of ~29k a game. It was good to see people get the kids out there to enjoy their time out of school, and it was great to see the Military contingent at the ballpark on Monday. We all watched a touching moment where a soldier who wasn't due to come back from Afganistan for another two months said hello to his family via the Jumbotron, then surprised the stadium when he came out of the dugout to greet his stunned family. It was a great thing the Braves helped put together that really puts things in perspective. After all, a losing streak is just sports, Memorial Day was about remembered and honoring those who served and have served. The Braves got that part right.

Go Braves!

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