Sunday, May 6, 2012

Braves @ Rockies: Game 2

I have a theory that the Braves are actually running a sophisticated science experiment during this series. They are trying to test exactly how far behind they can get during the course of a game and still pull out a win. The answer so far is six runs. At this point Colorado might just let us jump out to a huge early lead, since it seems like we enjoy the comeback run a little too much.

So after last nights 13-9 win, we lead the MLB in runs scored. Yep, the team that last season couldn't score at a freshman mixer with a tray of Jello shots is leading the MLB in offense. I attribute a lot of this to the fact that Jason Heyward has really shored up the holes in his swing, Chipper is playing like he's in his 20s, and Michael Bourn is getting on base by hook or by crook. The next closest team to us in runs is the Rangers, the team of AL long bomb specialists. It's pretty cool as a fan to see us producing like this.

Downside? Man, the starters have been wretched this series. Yesterday, Minor got rocked for 10 hits, 8 runs, 2 homers, and 4 walks in five innings. It's certainly the worst outing of his career. For those keeping track, that means that Minor has now had back to back terrible starts. Considering this one was in Colorado, I'm going to cut him a little bit of slack. What I won't cut him slack on is the walks. He has to clean that up in his next start, or he's going on my Until Further Notice list.

So with so many hits and so many good relief innings, who is the MVP? I think we can say that without the great clutch hitting by Chipper Jones in this game, we wouldn't have won. He gets the MVP nod with 3 hits, a run, and 5 RBIs. Chip was 2/3 with RISP, and a key double that got the rally started in the 5th. I had a hard time choosing between Chip and Livan Hernandez, who gets the honorable mention for the first save of his long career. Livan went 1.2 innings at the end of the game giving up only one hit. After the rain delay, Livan really shut the door on the Rockies and took away all hope of a comeback. Great job by the two old dudes on the team!

The bullpen really did the yeoman's work last night with 4 innings of 3-hit ball, giving up only one run. That's in Coor's field after our starter got set on fire. I've been really impressed by the pen's ability to come into tough situations and put out the blaze. Not only that, but they endured through a long rain delay, and were still sharp. That's great mental focus.

Today Beachy goes against Nicasio. Is it too much to ask that maybe we can get through the first two innings without giving up 5 runs? Please?

Go Braves!

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