Friday, May 25, 2012

Braves @ Reds: Game 4 Recap

Look. I'm frustrated, you are frustrated, and no amount of kvetching and whining about ballparks or pitching or grand slams is going to get those wins back. So, I say we move on with our lives and focus on the next series that doesn't take place inside a small operahouse. So let's do a Good, Bad, and Ugly for the series and close the book on the Reds for the season. Thank God.

The Good I will take away from the series:

1 - We never had a good lineup the entire time. That's encouraging because we weren't getting beat with our team out there. We were getting beat with a weird combination of role-players.

2 - Martin Prado has not cooled off at all. He's as solid as a rock hitting .357 on the series. So is Michael Bourn going .250 with 3 HRs and a double. Once you get the rest of the guys back into the groove, we're in good shape.

3 - Most of our starters pitched well. Tommy was great, Beachy was adequate, and Delgado wasn't horrible until he started walking people late. In the grand scheme of things, even Minor wasn't a disaster.

The Bad from the series:

1 - Venters still isn't right. I'm not sure when he will be, but I'm no longer comfortable with him getting the nod as our 8th inning shut down guy right now.

2 - We averaged two runs a game. That's never going to be enough. The magic number is 3 when it comes to the Braves. If we can't average 3+ runs by the end of the series. I can guarantee you we lost it.

3 - We've now tied our longest losing skid on the year, going back to our 0-4 start at the beginning of the season. Back then, we were ready to completely panic. Right now, I'm far from it. So it's a bad with a hint of good.

The Ugly (and it's OOGLY):

1 - The Braves batted .161 on the series amongst position players in 4 games. For the series, here are a few groaners. Freeman went .083, Heyward went .091, and Hinske hit .100 after 10 ABs.

2 - We didn't get a single hit from either of our catchers. BMac went 0/3 in his game. Rossy went 0/12 in his three starts. You were just as effective offensively from your couch during this series as our catching tandem. Hell Delgado had more hits in his start than our catchers. That's just pathetic.

3 - We only had 7 walks in 4 games. Bear in mind that we are 7th in the MLB in coaxing free passes in the majors. And that's after our completely unpatient(?) approach against the Reds. That has to change. We need to get on base by any means necessary.

So that's it. We're done here in Cincy. We come back home to face off against the Nats, who are only first in our division. Maybe a little crowd support and friendly confines will wake up a few of our players. Let's hope so, because we can't afford to drop a series to the Nats.

Go Braves!

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