Monday, May 21, 2012

Braves @ Rays: Games 2 & 3 Recap

I'm going to lump the two games together because I went to the lake this weekend. If you haven't enjoyed some of the spectacular weather we've been having here in Georgia, get outside already! If you are afraid of the outdoors and/or you are some kind of hermity shut-in, at least open a window. It's nice out there. On to the games!

We lost game 2 with Delgado on the mound. Did we hit for him? Nope. I think at one point in the later stages we didn't get a baserunner for 16 batters. So that sucks. Oh, and Delgado couldn't locate his ass with both hands, AND there was a grand slam for the Rays. I don't even want to go over the second game because it was such a downer from the other two awesome performances we had, but let me highlight a few things. We walked 8 batters in the game. I don't care who you are, if you walk 8 guys you will lose 80% of those games. A 7-run game took 2:48 to complete. Reason? Braves didn't have a hit after the 4th inning. Or a walk. Or anything. We might as well have set up in the batters box with a lounge chair and a margarita with a frilly hat.

On to game 3! Much better results. Huddy decided that if all we were giving the pitchers was two runs, he would just win with that. Tim went 7.2 with no runs, only 4 hits, and two walks. That's just silly. He had fewer baserunners in that game than innings pitched. Venters then comes in to get one out in the 8th, and he plunks two guys in a row to load the bases. Then, on what would have been the game tying hit, the ball bounces into a runner, causes a dead ball out, and we escape from the inning. It was the most ridiculous way for JV to get out of an inning ever, but he escaped. Kimbrel shut the door in the 9th with 2 Ks. He's still awesome.

MVP of the game is David Ross. When Price had all but completely settled in for a long pitchers duel by the 3rd, Rossy took a 2-2 pitch to right that upset the apple cart. That's all Huddy needed, really. Ross doesn't get a ton of playtime, but it's quite possible that he's the best backup catcher in the major leagues. In fact, if I were pressed, I'd have a hard time thinking of another viable candidate that could even come close to David. Add in the fact he's an all-around swell guy and clubhouse prankster, and you get a complete player that's impossible not to love. Also, did I mention he's batting .303 on the season and .576 slugging? That doesn't hurt either. Except to see the ROSS IS BOSS signs around Turner Field soon.

Next we head on a 4 game trip to Cincy to play the Reds. Didn't we just play them? What the hell MLB? Don't get me wrong, I like it better than crappy interleague, but we haven't played Washington or Miami at all hardly. Yet we'll have played the Reds 7 times this early in the season. I think the scheduling guy was in the john when they came up with this idea.

Go Braves!

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