Thursday, May 10, 2012

Braves @ Cubs: Game 3 Recap

This game was brutal to listen to, watch, or recap. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on it because I'm not really a fan of pitching duels. I like one team to emerge, and win the game. I don't like it when games are eeked out and the other team just flails away in futility. This time around, it was the Braves flailing.

Pitchers duels alway come down to one inning where the losing team doesn't capitalize, and the winning team does. For that Braves, that inning was the 6th. Prado doubled with one out, Freeman couldn't get him in, Uggla walked, and Chipper lined out. For the Cubs, their winning inning was the 7th. A leadoff single, two sacrifices moving the runner, and a 2 out RBI won the game.

What kills me is that Marteeeeeeeen had two doubles in this game, and we stranded him both times. Come on guys! The only other guys who showed up were Freeman and Rossy. An 0-5 RISP day isn't inspiring anybody. Bourn got skunked for the first time in a while, Uggla couldn't get the key hit we needed, Chipper needs a day off, Heyward got a walk, and Wilson got nada.

Now for the STAT OF THE SERIES! This stat of the series is..........RISP! But not in a good way. Braves were 1-19 with RISP during this series. The fact we won a game is almost a miracle. With those kinds of hitting numbers, we deserved to be swept by any other team that wasn't also struggling offensively. The good news is that it's an anolomy on our schedule. We have been playing well in other places, just not against Chicago's Ace staff. The starters really worked us over, and that was the difference in the series.

On to St. Louis for a weekend series against the Cards. The St. Louis team is 20-11, in first place of the central, won 4 straight, is 8-4 at home, and is #1 in the majors in scoring runs. I'm...concerned. Series preview tomorrow morning. Enjoy the day off from baseball, constant reader. Maybe go outside? Walk the dog? Watch the NBA playoffs? Ok, maybe not THAT far, but you get the idea.

Go Braves!

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