Friday, April 27, 2012

Pirates @ Braves Preview

Well folks I am live from New Orleans at Jazzfest on vacation so this won't be a typical preview since aim doing it on an iPad while listening to Zebra rock out the main stage. So I will preview the series in a very simple rundown. Typing on an iPad sucks. Game 1: Burnett v Hanson Game 2: Bedard v Delgado Game 3: Correia v Hudson Game 4: McDonald v Minor Game one is a wash since Burnett has only pitched one game this season against the Cards and he melted faces. I know for a fact after his time in New York he isn't that good. Beyond just going out there and keeping the train rolling at home, there isn't a lot data to glean one way or the other. Bedard is a different story. Assuming Delgado can avoid the disaster inning, we have three guys that really hit him Bedard well. Bmac, Freddy, and Hinske all can take him to task, and I expect Hinske to get a rare start in the game. Pray that the young Delgado can put together a full 6. McDonald and Correia are both pitching way over their heads right now. Their early ERAs near 2.00 don't mesh with their career ERAs near 4.00. Good news is that we have plenty of history crushing the ball against them. Expect Prado, Uggs, and Mac to have a good time working them over. Overall, the pirates are losing because they can't score on the road. If we play solid and put up three to four a game before we get to the pen? Game over. We can take three games from these guys, and I worry most about the game tonight. Go out there and work over Aj! Go Braves! Go Jazzfest!

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