Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mets Series Preview

So what can the Braves expect out the Mets during this opening series? The answer is hopefull not a lot. The Mets haven't added much in terms of actual talent, and guys like Reyes, Beltran, and Capuano have left the club for greener pastures. What does that leave in terms of lineup for the Mets? Well you still have David Wright at 3B acting as a thorn in our sides, and Ike Davis at 1B will cause some problems for our pitching staff. Their outfield of Torres, Bay, and Duda scare nobody. Of those three, Duda is the most dangerous with an .852 OPS and 50 RBIs last year in 100 games. Bay couldn't manage over a .250 average last season, and Torres is a reject out of SF that barely got above .220 in 2011.

So in terms of putting up a lot of runs on any team, the Mets aren't going to perform well. They will have to rely on quality pitching that can keep games under 3 runs. My guess is that with Santana, Neise, Pelfrey, Dickey, and Gee. Pelfrey, Neise and Gee all have 4+ ERAs last year, and Santana is coming off surgery. Dickey is the only guy I worry about, and we have him facing off against JJ in the second game. I like that matchup in our favor if JJ can keep the ball down.

Braves are playing most of their games as day games in this series, and BMac, Freeman, and Bourn really feasted in those situations last year, so look for them to get some big hits in this series.

Go Braves!

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