Thursday, April 12, 2012

Braves @ Houston: Game 3 Recap

Congratulations Braves fans, we won our first series! We did it completely backwards from the way I expected, but I'll take stealing a game three from a starter that's never lost to us at home before. These games in Houston were agonizing as a fan. Not only were our two wins hideously long (they both took over 3 hours and fifteen minutes), but we just couldn't stop putting runners on base. Every time I got to feeling comfortable, we'd walk the leadoff man or give up a single to bring Carlos Lee to the plate. It was very edge-of-your-seat stuff.

This game's MVP goes to David Ross. Not only did he have two hits and two RBIs, he also made a specatular snap throw to second to pick off a runner and kill a rally by the Astros. Jason Heyward is a close second, as he finally got off the shnide with a 3/4 day and a HUGE home run late in the game. With 11 hits on the night, almost everyone got in on the hit parade except for Michael Bourne. I like Bourne and people are going to be frustrated with him, but the hits are going to come. Right now, he's just pulling a Dan Uggla disappearing act from last season. He'll be fine.

Underrated player of the game award goes to Martin Prado, who managed to score from first on a bloop single by Chipper. The two OFs ran into each other, then botched a throw back to the infield. To his credit, Marteeeeeeeen never stopped running. He also had a hit and two walks on the night, so he was always pestering the Astros pitching staff. He is going to be a fly in the ointment for many pitchers we face this year, and I love him for it.

We enjoy a day off today so the Braves can finally come home! I'm looking foward to a little home-cooking against the Brewers more than anyone. Let's hope we can keep the hits coming.

Go Braves!

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